Refugees commemorated World Refugee’s Day under lockdown

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

Refugees in Uganda on Saturday 20th June 2020 commemorated international world refugee’s day under lockdown with the theme “Everybody comes”. 

Juba Monitor spoke to some refugee’s leaders to find their views as they celebrate under lockdown due to gobble pandemic.

Alex Lobiri is the Welfare conical chairperson of Ofua Zone Rhino camp refugees settlement urged the refugees to appreciate whatever little support given to them by the UN agency and implementing partners during this pandemic.

“We should always appreciate those who have worked so hard to make sure that the lives of the refugees are sustained all over the world, especially the suffering refugees in Uganda,” RWC noted.

He said refugees should also put helping hands with countries like Uganda where they can work together with the local communities in order to send their children to schools.

Lobiri encouraged the refugees not to lose hope, he said being a refugee is not the last stay in this content.

“Being a refugees is anything that could be an opportunity for someone to learn of what is going in his/her country,” he added

He said refugees needs to work hard wherever they are so that they can produce for themselves and also for others. They should not only always look for assist but to also work to assist others who are in needed.

Lobiri urged refugees to take care of their children, saying that violence against children, women and elderly people must stop, and if such acts stopped their will be progress in the communities.

Amuda Stella 29 years old  South Sudanese  refugees living in Koboko town on her part she said, they used to celebrate the world refugees day but due to coronavirus this day is just seen as a normal day.

She said with the pandemic many refugees are facing it hard to put food on the table. Here there is nothing look like a celebration coming in the minds of refugees due to the current COVID -19 which has brought finical crisis.

“Some people in their families now have only one meal in a day due to lockdown and most of the people are not working,’’ she added.

Stella disclosed that since refugees are just depending on the food ratio which has been reduced by 30% the life is very hard.

 She appealed to partners and donors to support the refugees with medication service besides the food items they are giving to the refugees. 

Adebo Ben the Acting settlement commandant in the office of the Prime Minister, Refugees department said with the lockdown the refugees needs to be law abided  to the guidelines on COVID-19 and also work hard for their livelihood as the theme says everybody comes.

He further urged refugees to work hard, participate actively and contribute effectively to the welfare of other refugees. 

Adebo said inter settlement among the refugees in the camps are not allow as borders where all closed by the president to prevent the spread of the virus.

He said few permits are only given to serious cases of treatment, saying that they have also allowed those locked up to report to the food distribution points with their cards so that they can access food.

Adebo encouraged the refugees not to lose hope but be optimistic that one day COVID-19 will come to end and the life will come to normal.

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