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Refugees are returning to Yei River state -official

At last 4,870 people who fled Yei River state have returned home and are being registered with the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) and more returnees are expected to arrive, the governor of Yei River state said.

In a phone interview with Juba Monitor, Col. David Lokonga Moses said people are returning to the state on a daily basis saying the humanitarian situation is the only challenge facing the state.

Lokonga appealed to the international humanitarian partners to extend their support to the people of Yei River state since the general security situation in the state is calm.

“The people are increasing every day, they are surviving on mangoes together with the other people who were left behind, now the mangoes are getting finished and I don’t know how they are going to survive,” Lokonga said.

He said most of those who returned from the bush and Uganda are malnourished especially the children because they were not getting enough food from the refugee camps.

“I was in the hospital this morning, the children’s ward is full and most of the children who are returning from the refugee camps are completely malnourished. They are now in the feeding centers,” he said.

He said the state is currently facing a lot of challenges in providing enough food for the returnees.

The governor said his government is putting all the necessary preparations in place to welcome the returnees adding that the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission and other Non-Governmental Organizations should as well be prepared to welcome those returnees.

He said the initiative of the National Dialogue is encouraging people to return home which he said needs proper preparation on time.

“My serious area of concern is preparation, because as the National Dialogue begins, there will be much influx of refugees and if we are not ready, we will be taken by surprise,” he said.

Lokonga added that the NGOs in the state have already started assessing areas of Morobo as well as Tore county to provide humanitarian assistance.

Lokonga further revealed that the people in his state have started with the grass root dialogue saying that there is a good respond from the oppositions.

He claims that they are in final touches with some of the rebel groups who have taken up arms against the government adding that some groups of the armed men have agreed to open the roads for easy delivery of humanitarian assistance.

By Morris Dogga

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