Refugees appeal for support to return home

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Some South Sudanese refugees in Palabek Settlement Camp are appealing for support to enable them return back home.

The urge to return home is so high but support such as means of transport and basic requirements to begin a new life are lacking.

Lotto David, a resident in his late sixties said the distance from Palabek settlement camp to Pajok where he comes from is movable even with a bicycle but how to start a life after losing everything in the wake of crisis worries the old man.

“I can ride with a bicycle to Pajok but am too old now, and even if I manage to ride, where will I start from? The houses are no more, we need basic needs such as food and tents to begin a new life”, said Lotto.

Lotto is not alone, Terrassa Lamunu revealed to Juba Monitor that she believes that things are better now back home and she appealed for support in terms of transport to move the things she has in the camp to Magwi and start life over again.

“The little things we have in the camp here like jerry cans, mats, saucepans, tents and beds need means of transport to be taken home and if the government or any organization would help us, we will go back home”, said Teresa.

Thursday last week was food distribution day in Palabek settlement camp and Lamaro Mariam, a mother of one told Juba Monitor that she came from Pajok to receive her food ratio and will go back after.

“When time for food distribution comes I come back to the camp to pick my ratio, I returned to Pajok in July 2019 and was able to plant simsim and clean the home”, said Lamaro.

Lamaro added that life in the village is so hard because of the inadequate resources such as food and advised whoever is willing to get back home to plan well.

“I advise my fellow South Sudanese willing to return back home to plan, make a pre visit back home first before you move everyone to have in mind what you need”, said Lamaro.

Since the signing of the revitalized peace agreement, hope has been restored amongst South Sudanese refugees prompting hundreds to return home.

It is also witnessed in the Madi corridor along the Nimule Highway life is getting back to normal as women, children and men have returned home doing their best to rebuild their lives.

Thousands of South Sudanese across the country fled to border town of Lamwo District in 2016, prompting the government of Uganda to establish Palabek settlement camp to accommodate the large number.

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