Refugees appeal for safe repatriation

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

Refugees vowed to take to the streets if not assured of road safety by the government of South Sudan.

This statement came after youths in three refugee settlements met to discuss ways their brothers would voluntarily return home.

Anguzu Anthony, a youth representative in Ayilo [2] settlement said rampant attacks on Nimule-Juba highway tarnished the image of South Sudan.

“People thought our country is free at last, but people are dying every day, this is unacceptable and we shall come on streets,’’ he said.

“Many people want to return home, but their security is not assured.”

Mani Edward,the general secretary for South Sudan Youths’ Association appealed to the leaders to put their political differences aside.

“Don’t call yourselves with party names,’’ he warned.

Reports showed that over 300 refugees in West Nile had voluntarily returned to South Sudan for the past three months.

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