Refugee with no choice

By: Akol Arop Akol

People who know nothing are the people suffering the most in this world, whether some good is being enjoyed, it doesn’t reach them to help them out, they are always the last but when it is a dangerous thing it affects them in all fields; economically, socially and educationally.

During the wars or conflicts in the communities or across the country, the VIPs and their relatives and children fly away from the war-zone to the safest places in some parts of the world.

They have mains of private transport which makes it easy to fly away leaving behind the innocent ones who don’t know what it is all about to do with politics.

The big giants with power play their dirty games, in order to have positions and resources for their own stomach-growth which accompanied with greediness and corruption.

That is why they used to say too many cooks spoil the sauce. On the other hand, two heads are better than one; they are better when people come together to share ideas and come up with one agenda or a resolution to the problem.

It could be good if the innocent citizens are first consulted so that they could share their different views and suggestions that can solve their problems.

Fighting is not a solution but it is like a sharp knife that when misused and mishandled, it can slaughter innocent people.

When fighting breaks out, the properties including houses and vehicles get destroyed, possessions are looted, children are abducted and killed, and women are raped.

At this stage, insecurity arises and forces civilians to leave their homes and look for a peaceful place because every human deserves a peaceful life in order to be happy and free to carry out daily activities through which they can earn a living.

Peace gives human a bright hope to make straight-forward planning without fear of being interrupted or attacked.

Without peace there is nothing good for human being in this World.

Today there are so many IDPs and refugees living in neighboring countries for years, some children were born and grew up there, they are told they have a country but have not seen it. They only know it through the media. How will they instill patriotism in their hearts yet they have 5 to 20 years away?

They ran away from their own homeland because of war that is believed to be a political disagreement that resulted into physical abuse, death and displacement of people who have no hands in it. So they have found alternative to save their lives from getting lost.

Those people didn’t choose to live that miserable and poor lifestyle but they were forced by insecurity and hunger when they were not able to grow their food crops like they used to do.

One could be thinking that those refugees ran away to enjoy life in other countries but there is nothing good at all in those places, only depression, worries, starvation, lack of good education and medication when they fall sick.

Life is never easy for them. Living in another land is like living in jail because there is limited freedom to self-expression and basic human needs.

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