Refugee students in Uganda advocate for peace through music

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

South Sudanese students in Uganda are advocating for peace in their schools through music.

A group of South Sudanese students called Peace Ambassadors have formed a group in the urban town of Arua district and in the refugee settlements where they sing and advocate for peace amongst South Sudanese refugees.

Simon Ali Isaac who is the President of the Peace Ambassadors Crew, told Juba Monitor in an interview that they formed the group to advocate for peace within the refugees and South Sudanese living in Uganda.

“When we heard that peace agreement was signed, we had to sing for peace to come to South Sudan,” Ali disclosed.

He said all their songs preach peaceful coexistence and love for one another.

Ali said they have a song telling people that South Sudanese have had enough of wars and bloodsheds.

“We are advocating for peace because we need peace as youth of South Sudan,” Ali said.

He urged all youth and leaders of South Sudan to advocate for peace rather than advocating for war which has destroyed the country.

“South Sudanese youth need togetherness and they should forget about what their mothers and fathers are telling them and do what benefits their tribes and families,” Ali said.

“We should better think and focus on South Sudan going to play African Cup of Nation or are we going to be part of big events all over East Africa or in Africa which could be the big picture,” he challenged South Sudanese youth.

Ali said they will shoot videos of their music in order to circulate to South Sudanese including opposition and government leaders.

“It’s hard for one to pass message outside but through music it’s very easy. We pray to God that government can listen to our songs and get the meaning for peace to come to South Sudan,” he added.

The artist said it was very hard to meet South Sudanese leaders to tell them what the youth were yearning for so that they could restore peace in the country.

“When we speak in music and its put over the radios and televisions, they can see and hear the messages,” Ali added.

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