Refugee leaders condemn fighting in the camp

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

Refugee leaders have strongly condemned the recent Sunday fight in the camp which led to the death of 10 South Sudanese refugees.

The misunderstanding arose between the host communities and refugees in Tika Zone Rhino refugee camp, Madi Okollo District in Uganda.

Gabriel, Coordinator for urban refugees strongly condemned the incident saying refugees should stop fighting since they ran away from a conflict zone the country.

“I am calling upon you as refugees living in Uganda to desist from fighting the host communities and even among yourselves. You came from where there was war and yet you prefer to cause fighting again, please stop it,” Gabriel expressed.

He urged Uganda government together with the office of the Prime Minister Department of refugees to reconcile the host communities and refugees so that they can continue to live together.

“Even if the refugees are relocated to different areas the same behaviour will still continue, you refugees need to understand how the host communities are living in their area,” he added.

He urged the refugees living in Uganda not to practice hostility but rather to coexist in peace and harmony with the host communities.

“We need to copy the good behaviour of living in peace from the Ugandan people so that when we will be going back to South Sudan the culture of peace will transform the society,” he urged.

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