Reduced checkpoints to speed up goods arrival in the market

South Sudan is a landlocked country. It imports most of its goods from neighboring countries such Kenya and Uganda. These Commodities are transited into the country mainly through Nimule border. Now South Sudan Clearing Freight and Forwarding Association has complained of trade barriers coupled with many checkpoints on Nimule-Juba highway which delays the arrival of goods to the intended destinations. These delays create shortages of commodities in the market which eventually hype the prices due to scarcity of goods.

As a matter  of urgency, government  need to simply reduce these too many checkpoints from Nimule to Juba to facilitate smooth and fast moving of goods to the country. These checkpoints are scuttling the work of Clearing Freight and Forwarding Association which in essence contravene the norms of transportation of goods and services. If they are syndicates conspiring to scamper the work of such government agency, they have to be traced down, arrested and be brought to justice for economic sabotage. This is not a banana republic where anyone cannot play by the rule in the book; it is a country where rules of laws and norms of transactions are supreme. Why does a road like Nimule-Juba have too many road blocks to deal with? There is something amiss about the all scenario here and more so, it seems someone somewhere is thriving in this business creating so many checkpoints to tax business people. That for now is left to court of public opinion to judge but government has to do something about it.

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