Reduce your sexual network

By John Agok

South Sudan HIV/AIDS Commission calls for young people and active sex partners to limit their numbers of sex partners in a bid to reduce chances of succumbing to Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Doctors working for the commission echoed this during a one-day orientation workshop on budget allocations by health partners and Members of Parliament in Juba.

Speaking during the presentation at Blue Building last on Monday, Dr Achol Ayom the Deputy Chair for HIV/AIDS Commission appealed to the people’s representatives in the parliament to reconsider the budget allocation to the commission in order to fight HIV/AIDS and other STIs in the country.

“We need to give our voices to raise awareness to our population, especially young people and active sexual partners to at least reduce their sexual partners to only two in efforts to prevent themselves from contracting HIV/AIDS,” she added.

Healthcare is vital to our population and we need to exert our collective efforts in raising the level of advocacy in the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

“I urged government and particularly Ministry of Finance to inject money allocated for this commission to speed up its work,” said Ayom.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gabriel Atilio the Director for HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Commission also warns young people to go for regular tests of their HIV/AIDS status and freely seek health services.

He called on young men to get circumcised of which he claims to have 60% to 65% chances of not getting infections.

“Young men must have at least two sexual partners and stop jumping from one beautiful lady to another. Also, circumcision helps a lot as it is likely to reduce chances of contracting HIV/AIDS and other STIs,” he added.

The South Sudan HIV/AID Commission appeals for funding of the institution to effectively and efficiently fight the disease.

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