Red Cross, MMI donates items to flood victims

By Kidega Livingstone

South Sudan Red Cross in collaboration with Missionary of Mary Immaculate donated none food items to at least 1000 households of flood affected people living on the highland of River Nile  in Jebel Ladu.

The flood affected people that include the people of Mdobor village, Mori, Nyuwa, Peitti and kwereke villages and each have been given 3 blankets, two buckets, two mosquitos’ nets, three bars of soap, one tent packet of washing soap and other items.

Speaking during the distribution, Executive Director for Ladu Payam, Juba County, Cenetral Equaoria State, Charlse Anderia welcomed the support given by the two sisterly organizations. He said the victims of the flood in area lost many properties and crops during the flood.

“As the representative of the county government I really appreciated South Sudan Red Cross and Missionary Mission of Mary Immaculate to support our people because they have suffered a lot after the flood swept everything from their homes,” said Anderia.

In his part Father of St. Francis of Assisi Parish of Missionary of Mary Immaculate, Jaya Prakash said that flood forced the people to left their homes and camped in the church in Nyuwa without support.

“I welcomed South Sudan Red Cross for the emergency program that assisted over one thousand people in the five villages that have been affected by the flood,” said Prakash.

“We have requested Red Cross for the help. I thank them for their positive respond”, he added

 Fr.Joseph William of Missionary Mission of Mary Immaculate who blessed the items before distribution told the victims to relay on God so that flood can stop disturbing them in their villages. He said such support come because of God in order to help the people.  

Meanwhile, the Program Coordinator for South Sudan Red Cross,  Abudu said that the support purely came from the South Sudan Red Cross and it continues in case  of any problem that come as a result of flood.

“The donation purely came from South Sudan Red Cross and it would continue to support the people who have been affected only by the flood but any other disasters,” said Abudu.

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