Odongo Odoyo

As the long awaited establishment of full swing Government of National Unity is in place, there is urgent need for the government to keenly form and reconstitute the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) to run the affairs of the country. This is because the Legislature is the power house responsible for approving and enacting bills into operational laws. The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) has issued their decision on the same matter by giving parties a time limit of up-to the 26th of next week to finalize the formation of the National Assembly. Whether the parties to the agreement would comply with the deadline or not, the fact is that all things are on-board for the parties to do the necessary by reconstituting the Legislature without any further delay as put forward by the Regional Body (IGAD). Now that the states governments are almost in place, let everything be put in order. The parties to the Revitalised Peace Agreement should now determine their will to considerately put the interest of the people first. The future of the 70% population of the youth of this country is anxiously waiting for the new developmental steps to be set forward by this new government. This population is expecting the Revitalized Government of National Unity to bring them hope, because they have waiting for long time. Another context here is that the formation of Legislature should strictly follow the provisions given therein according to the Agreement signed in 2018. This time round, the youth and the 35% of the women’s Affirmative Action should be a high priority as the process for establishing a new Legislature is to kick off any time from now. The need to have young thinking mind in the government of the day is quite paramount. We need a powerful parliament, which is able to drive the country forward but not backward, not to disappoint but to show potential to decide on the favor of the public not individual interest.

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