Rebels urged to return home

Yei River state Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports Alfred Kenneth Duku has appealed to the rebels allied to Dr. Riek Machar to join peace process under the First Vice President Taban Deng Gai.

He said it was time for those who are still holding guns against the government to come back home to join him on the other side of the opposition. “Those who were employed in various department sin the government should come and continue where they had left. It is time for dialogue and not time to shed blood any more”.

Duku hailed youths in Yei town for what they are doing in uniting the people of Yei River state through sports in order to bring peace in the country. He urged them to continue with the spirit in the state saying people are now realizing a bit of peace return.

He said the security organs are working hard to crack down on the criminals who aredisturbing the civilians at night. “I want to assure the civilian population in Yei that the security situation is relatively calm and people should continue advocating for peace in the state”.

This comes after the unrest of criminal acts being witnessed in Yei town for the last three weeks where a suspected group of armed robbers have been clashingwith the night organized force patrol unit.

However, Duku said a number of the suspected criminals have been arrested and are undergoinginterrogations with the security organs to reveal out the rest of theculprits.
Since the outbreak of the July 2016 conflict, many people have fled Yei River state to neighboring countries, while those ones who remained suffered gross violations of their rights such as the looting of properties, rape and murder.

However, with the current ongoing peace dialogue, little smile isput on the faces of the people in Yei River state despite the skyrocketing prices of commodities in the markets.
The people of Yei River state are also calling on the state government to speedup with the process of opening the roads so that people in the villages can bring food to the town.

By Polza Emmanuel

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