Rebellion and peace of interest

Citizens must be made to understand the kind of peace agreement that politicians with their parties and army are making. For the past 9 years, South Sudan has been experiencing a number of rebellions throughout. Most of the rebellions were formed against current claiming that they are fighting for the rights of citizens yet when pardoned they come to the capital city just to sit and eat forgetting the interests of people. If things were solved through rebellion, then what have many generals done to the people of South Sudan since they started going to the bush? Within a year, when one is released from a government position, he would take arms and mobilize the youths to go to the bush to fight which results only into death of innocent civilians and destruction of their resources. Such conflicts are the blockages preventing the implementation of the peace agreement. 

With the crying voices of South Sudanese calling for peace, the leaders are turning their deaf years and instead of uniting and working together as one government, some are busy defecting while others are joining the same government they have been criticizing. It seems they have no vision to achieve for the people not even knowing the meaning of rebellion.

Globally, a rebel is a revolutionary trying to overthrow a government with clear objectives not like in South Sudan where one is sacked and then mobilized youths to go on Facebook to rally behind him. They have been breaking the rules, resisting authority and deceiving people that they are fighting for their rights and freedom yet deep in their hearts, they have selfish agenda.

South Sudan is surely full confusion caused by people talking about the government who become silent when they become part of it. If not for one’s interest, how many generals or politicians who have been pardoned and joined the ruling government have reached their people they are representing? How many ministers have at least built schools or even support vulnerable people in their communities such as by giving money to the widows whose husbands’ lives were lost during the conflicts? Nothing at all is done to show that these people going out of the government are returning into it are good leaders with developmental objectives.

The sad part is that the peace they pretend to have accepted is not real but remains only  on papers. After sometimes, they would complain and rebel again.

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