Reasons why educated men marry uneducated girls.

By Achol Andrew Ayiu Korodit

Most of the educated women have the tendency of controlling their husbands from marrying another wife and if there is a disagreement of opinions, they opt for a divorce under the pretext of having another wife in which the pretext is contrary to our cultural ethics, because our cultural norms do allow polygamy. Our norms perceive it as the way people get wealth and enlargement of family size.

From these circumstances, my dearest sisters our traditional norms are distancing away our wishes, our husbands don’t need to be controlled by our jealousy, and we jeopardize what they hate for life. Men feel discomfort to be restricted, just allow them to get the much they want. There’s no need to bother yourselves in this context because the current economic situation in South Sudan will deter them and they’ll definitely learn a lesson.

We have a great contribution to polygamy, nowadays, we as house wives, we don’t do our duties anymore, the number of the men that survive in the restaurants is increasing day by day and we are accountable for it. As a wife, it’s your duty to prepare tea early in the morning before your husband go for a work. It’s your duty to prepare delicious lunch and supper for your husband. It’s your duty too to make sure the house is clean before he returns from work. Men love cleanliness and quite places and by doing so, my sister trust me he will never think of abandoning your food and go to a restaurant. We don’t do our best, if we were to do them our husbands would have shifted the norms.

But all we do are things that will never bring peace to our houses. The best we usually do is to move from house to house as if we are employed to go door-to-door doing campaign, all we could do is to gossip and demand for a house girl which disqualified our wifehood.

Let’s learn to be dynamic and appreciate all the efforts our husbands do, our husbands leave houses at 6 am and come back home very fatigue and stressed from hustling just to bring food for the family and we don’t appreciate them at all. And when we are given some money to manage for sometime, we foolishly consume like a hungry goat eating grass and at the end of the day we give excuses “that money you gave me was not enough” while we were spending them on stupid commodities.

We all know the hardship we are in and we spend money like nothing, do we think money falls from the trees, they get it out of struggle. If you don’t keep account of what’s given to you, it can let your husband get another wife who can think of the future for his kids.

Another reason that bright about instabilities to our families is that some of us ladies don’t need to stay with in laws, they refuse to live with the women who raised their husbands, they insist in living with the siblings of the-so-called her husband.

Where do you exclude his family? Where do you think he was coming from? Or do you think he is a robot? All these useless thoughts should be changed otherwise; our educated men will always go for the illiterates in order to live the better life rather than having daily pressure at every corner because of us.

I would love to advise all of you dear-mates to shift for change, education is something additional to what we have already, and we don’t need to make it different from the contexts we know. Stop thick behaviors that don’t escort us from the darkest to the lights.

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