A foot for thought

Re-united South Sudanese by ICRC is positive step

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday it was published in the newspaper that 5,000 missing South Sudanese were re-united with families. These people went missing during the conflicts periods; they were children and elderly people. It was great job done by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC} in the country. It brought great joy to the families, relatives, friends and the public at large.

It was not easy to see them back with the families and in good health; it required a lot of efforts from ICRC. It was God making, because He was the one that kept them alive for all these years.  They need to be welcomed and people celebrate the joy together like the lost son in the bible. The report also said that they suffered from moral and emotional trauma, they need healing to become normal. It was both to them and their immediate family’s members because they might have thought that those people were no longer in the world.

For the reasons that maybe there were not communications between them for long time. Everybody was living in imagination and maybe prayers for their protections. Thanks God that they were united with the families and expect those not yet united be brought.

This is already good sign of peace and stability in the country. We need insecurity situation to end so that people who were in refugee camps come back and live with their families and relatives.  It needs hard work from government and partners who were supporting the programmes of repatriation and re-unite lost people with their families.

This programme needs joint hands with people from various communities, as those missing people were not from one community.  The conflicts were in different years, times and places.  Coming together as people of one nation to support programme of missing people, would help a lot in terms of peace.

May God bless us all.

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