Re-opening of schools is important

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The report that public institutions of learning across the country were expected to re-open in July sounds good in the ears of many people, especially pupils and students of higher learning institutions, for the reason that they stayed for long period of time at home without learning.

That reduced their knowledge and standard in learning. Long duration of staying idle would make children to lose interest in schools if parents and guardians are not serious. Some students might have joined other activities; going back to school may need another strategic plan in the side of the parents.

For children who are still growing, may be the school uniform would not be fitting them, parents should have to purchase for them new ones. Not only that, there would be many school requirements that they have to provide for the students at this difficult time. The most important one is to keep the directives of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) on Coronavirus disease.  Like social distancing, washing hands with soap and clean water is very important. That would be the role of teachers and social workers to rehearse students on Coronavirus prevention.

All necessary materials for protection should be provided to them especially pupils in basic schools. For students in higher learning institutions, it will not be difficult, they are mature, know how to follow the rules and regulations of preventing Coronavirus. I hope this period of lockdown due to Coronavirus didn’t affect girls in terms of early and forced marriage. It was through experience that many parents didn’t want their daughters to overcome certain period of time. What would come to their minds is forced marriage which is not allowed.   

For boys if they were not controlled, several of them would become criminals or street boys. It is not good to reach to the above mentioned situation. I am sure if not all, few parents are working hard to make sure their children live better life without being affected by Coronavirus.

However, this academic year has been interrupted, but from the coming months the Ministry of Education can do something to the students.

May God bless us all.

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