Odongo Odoyo

BY Elia Joseph Loful(guest)

The coronavirus has negatively created immense social impacts which has affected mainly school going children. As the number of unwanted pregnancies increases among school girls, social crimes as well are increasing among young school boys because most of them are taking drugs such as marijuana, pills, alcohol and the likes. Whose concern is it? Parents or the government? I think the government now should take drastic steps to ensure that this matter is taken into consideration as soon as possible. Should we not sympathize with the current social issues destroying the future of these children? Should we just watch and allow them to get spoiled? I think it is time for all those concerned to come out and respond to the problems halting the success of these young people. We know already the disease is within us, but we should find ways within the situation of the pandemic, let us re-think towards the disadvantages encountered by our own children. The future of this nation lies in the hands of these youth who are being hunted by social crimes and other pathetic cases in several communities in the country.  We cannot say let us wait for the virus to subside then decide on what to do about the re-opening of schools in the country. Are we waiting for other countries to act then we follow them? That should not be the case. We have to analyzed the degree of the current situation affecting our school girls including boys. The report on the cases of early pregnancies and marriages happening with the teenagers in the country is quite alarming as we talk per now. If one state like Eastern Equatoria is reporting about it, what about other states? Why are they silent on this matter? All the rest of the nine States’ education departments should show sincerity to embark on tangible survey and bring out the statistics of the school girls who might have been affected by the lockdown due to coronavirus. I am calling upon the government, civil society and education partners to considerately measure the intensity of the impact of the virus on the school children especially girls who are becoming victims of the circumstances. These stakeholders should at least come together and have a common understanding to rescue these children from this situation by reopening schools inspite of the presence of coronavirus. Three days ago about 25 States, teachers and parents in America protested over reopening of schools urging the US government to reopen schools saying the virus was creating negative image on the schools children and may disorganize their future. The government should either re-open schools or risk losing a vibrant generation to impacts of coronavirus pandemic.

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