Rasta urges youth to work and stop sleeping

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Rasta Angel is urging the youths in the country to work hard and stop sleeping and losing jobs to foreigners, a message he channeled through his single titled “Akulunum”.

As the year 2019 comes to an end, Rasta Angel said that 2020 should be the year where South Sudanese youth across the country realize the importance of working hard towards a better future.

The trend of eating and sleeping should stop according to Rasta Angel who asserted that some youth in the country just eat and sleep without working.

“I urge my fellow youth in the country to work hard and stop sleeping as we enter 2020. It should be a year of success and hard work, all the best things that the youth admire in life can only be gotten through work”, said Rasta Angel.

Rasta Angel also said South Sudanese youth have left majority jobs to be taken up by foreigners because of laziness and wanting white collar jobs.

Armed with his artistic voice, Rasta Angel hopes that “Akulunum” song that is currently rocking the airwaves spreads strong message of hard work to the future generation of South Sudan.

“Music is power and am using my talent to spread the message of hard and discourage the youth from being lazy. We have lost most jobs to the foreigners because we all want white collar jobs and want to be driven in expensive cars”, Rasta Angel said.

Rasta Angel believes if all youths in the country decide to do whatever job that is available, the issue of youth unemployment in the country will reduce.

Rasta Angel who started music in the early 2012 is famously known for songs such as ‘Money Comes, Money Goes,’ a song urging people to use money for developmental purposes.

The artist is in his music journey has a full album of fifteen songs such as mama featuring Mr. Leng, wake remo, mama Sunday, binia Juba, Dunia and moro nio amongst other songs.

With over seven years’ experience in the music industry, Rasta Angel said that the South Sudan’s music industry is developing at the fastest rates and he added that in 2020 South Sudanese music will dominate the entertainment scene of the world.

As 2020 approaches Rasta Angel revealed that he has several musical projects such as shooting music videos and doing music collaborations with both locally-based singers and international stars.

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