Rasta Jimmy urges people to share with one another

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Money is not a problem is just a few days old into the ears of Rasta Jimmy’s fan, the song explains about the need of people to focus on small things for unity, rather than big things that creates war.

Juba Monitor caught up with the singer at Nyakuron cultural center and he had the following to say about his song.

“money is not the problem, it is you and me, who are the problem, several times we ignore small things like sharing with one another and focus more on making money which we use to create problems, we need to share the little we have, “said Rasta Jimmy

The first verse in the song questions people whether they have peace in their homes or not, before they think of money.

‘Money will come, once we have peace and each time we go look for money, lets question our minds whether we have peace in our homes, it should be peace first then money follows ‘Jimmy told Juba Monitor

The same song also advices South Sudanese to work hard and urges money should not be the cause of people’s separation but be the cause of people’s development.

Rasta Jimmy said that the current satiation where brothers and sisters have turned against each other, killing one another prompted him to record “money is not the problem, to educate the community that money should not be the root cause of human suffering.

Rasta Jimmy who has been in the music industry close to ten years is known for songs such as ’de munu’,’Kalam Suzi’ and the latest been “money is not the problem’ as his second single in 2017.


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