Rapper advocating for the rights of street children

Rapper Doggy Di Kats, facebook photo

By Nana Alfred

Doggy Di Kats is one of the upcoming local rappers using his rap music to advocate for the rights of the street children.

Having been in the street for a long time Doggy told Juba Monitor that he chose rap music to preach positivity to children missing an appropriate parental care in the country.

“From the streets to the banks” is one song by Doggy Di Kats urging every concerned citizen in the country not to neglect street children but rather respect and provide them the parental love and care that they miss.

“I get so disturbed when I see people who are supposed to uplift the street children abuse them, sometimes I witness this on the streets of Juba when some people spit and throw rubbish from their cars on the street children begging for support,” Doggy said.

According to Doggy whose life transformed from a street kid to a responsible gentleman, he said that all what the street children needed was support in terms of advices, and educational as well as medical support.

In his song Doggy is also appealing to the government and non-governmental organizations to build rehabilitation centres where the street children can be transformed.

Borrowing a leaf from his own life experience Doggy believes that the role of bettering one’s life lies on his or her hand.

“We might all blame the government but I believe that we all have a role to play improving the lives of the street children because the government is us not anybody else,” Doggy lamented.

During the Launch of the Forgotten Ones (TFO) a national organization that intends to support street children last Month, John Mading its Executive Director said that the numbers of street children has doubled up due to the crisis that the country is facing.





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