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Raping girls must stop immediately

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday it appeared in the newspaper that a man of 20 years old was sentenced to ten years in prison and ordered to pay amount of SSP 600,000 to the parents of the girl he has raped. According to the story the girl is fifteen years old, she was living alone in the house and the man managed to enter to the house and raped her.  

At the end the parents noticed that the girl was pregnant and she has psychological problem. The perpetrator in this case was found guilty and he was charged according to South Sudan laws.  However, the above mentioned is a brief information on how the rape happened to that young girl who wasn’t ready to meet that situation or have anybody in wrong way. While this matter is being handled by authorities another innocent girl of aged 24 was also raped, what is happening?

In the first place the condition of allowing the young girl to live alone was wrong in the side of the parents. She was raped due to lack of security, her safety at night was compromised. What was not clear is that did she tried her best to call neighbors for rescue or not. According to the information likewise the perpetrator threaten the girl and told her not to inform any person about the matter.  That situation gave her a fear not to speak for help. If it wasn’t because of pregnancy, she wouldn’t reveal the information to the parents.  She would have remained silent and wouldn’t get any assistant.

On the other hand, the perpetrator would continue with the same act to other girls because he hasn’t been taken to court, and it would have remained a normal practice for him.

To some points the parents of the girl made a mistake of living her alone without assigning somebody even from the neighbor to take care of her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t face such kind of situation in her lives.

Therefore, it is advisable for parents to take care of their girls in the family. They shouldn’t allow girls to live alone for the reasons that we are still living in our tradition, not respecting women in general and girls in particular. Thus, the idea from the chief of Ikotos County saying that Customary courts should be initiated in Payams for Customary laws and that’s very important, to tackle such kind of issues and come out with solutions.

However, our people should be educated through chiefs and legal laws to respect women and not to rape girls. We need to fear God in anything we are doing to human beings.  One day you will be judged for what you have done on earth.

May God bless us all.

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