Rape survivor’s spouse appeals for psychosocial therapy

By: Kitab A Unango

A spouse of a rape survivor is calling for urgent psychosocial support to avert occurrence of potential danger in his family.

John Simon (not real name) said his wife who was three months old pregnant was raped by men in uniforms last week in Juba.

He said his wife has been traumatized and she could harm herself.

“I am appealing to counselors to come to the house to talk to my wife because I have been consoling her for the last three days but it seems she is not listening to what I am saying.”

He said “She has refused to eat and it seems she can do something bad which will not be good.”

Simon told Juba Monitor that the family livelihood has been negatively affected by the attackers leaving every member traumatized.

“My mother and my sister were beaten badly now everyone is traumatized. Since then we are surviving on nothing because everything we had were taken even the key to my car, which I could use to earn some living is taken and it is just packed,” he pointed out.

According to this year’s UN report, sexual assault of women and girls was on the rise in South Sudan with other sources saying rape has become endemic in the country.

In Maban recently, female aid workers were sexually assaulted by alleged men in uniforms, raising concerns by the international community over the trend.

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