Rape pardons no one -Police

Brig.Gen James Dak Karlo, Deputy Police spokesperson

By Bida Elly David

The Deputy Spokesperson for the National Police service yesterday revealed that the law has got no absolution or exception for rape crimes on anyone especially sexual offenses against girls under the age of 18.

He spoke about this during a school sensitization course on community Viciousness reduction in Juba Day Secondary school.

The sensitization exercise was organized by the United Nations Missions in South Sudan (UNMISS) in collaboration with South Sudan National Police Service (NPS) and United Nations Police.

Speaking during the event, Brig.Gen. James Dak Karlo National police Deputy Spokesperson and head of the special protection Unit (SPU) reiterated that the law has got nothing to do with favoritism or pardon in regard to rape offenses either by the army, police, rebels, and civilians.

‘’According to the law, there is no pardon or favoritism for any person who might have or is involved in committing a crime in regard to rape. If you are from the army, police Unit, Civil servant, Military intelligence and other organized forces, the law concerning rape is liable to be applied on you as stated’’ Dak reiterated.

He further added that there was no bail for any person convicted of rape crime whether being a primary or secondary gravity of the offense unless otherwise there was genuine witnesses and evidence to prove that the victim was innocent of the act.

‘’According to the law talking about  rape crime, there is no release on  bail  for anyone convicted  for a rape crime unless otherwise there are witnesses and clear evidence to justify that the accused is innocent of the act’’ He added

Responding to questions raised by students in regard to sexual harassment against underage girls, James testified that so far seven people have been convicted of rape cases and received penalties of 14 years jail each with no compromise and bail.

He underscored that sexual harassment was a crime against humanity and punishable.

In continuation, he stressed that women and young girls have been victims to sexual harassment and violence over the past years especially during the years of conflicts in the Country.

He finally urged Students to concentrate on their studies to meet their goals in a due cost of time.

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