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RAPE CASE Foreign victim testify in Terrain Hotel saga

By Morris Dogga

One of the foreign rape victims yesterday appeared before the General Military Court Martial in a closed session, to testify against soldiers accused of looting, raping and murder at Terrain Hotel last year.

The victim whose identity and nationality was not exposed to the press is said to be a European but the country of origin was not revealed.

She is the first of the five victims who were allegedly raped in July last year by some Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLA) forces during the Terrain Hotel looting.

The Deputy Army Spokesperson, colonel Santo Domic Chol however declined to reveal whether the victim had identified a suspect or not. He said it is for the benefit of the court.

The next session will be on October 25th, 2017 to give time for the other victims to prepare to come to the court, he said.  They will also testify in a closed session.

When Terrain was rampaged in July last year, five foreigners who were in the hotel were said to have been raped by some government forces.

During the 5th hearing of the case, the military court had asked the prosecutor to bring all the rape victims before the court.

The court had also accepted the use of a video link for other rape victims who would not be able to come and testify, after the prosecutor requested that they be allowed to use a video link.

12 soldiers are currently appearing before the court on mainly charges of rape, murder and looting in Terrain Hotel during the July 11th fighting last year when conflict erupted.


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