Rampant theft, causes fear among the refugees in Nyumanzi

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

Refugees in Nyumanzi settlement are living under fear due to the overwhelming cases of theft and brakeage of hotels and shops by unknown thugs.

Majority of the hotel operators and shop owners in the settlement were registering similar challenges more especially during the night.

Ms. Oyella Jackson one of the prominent hotel operators in Nyumanzi camp complained of rampant stealing of their hotel apparatus and monies by unknown thugs as she narrated to Juba Monitor that on Sunday night, the thugs broke in her hotel and stole food items and others amounting to hundreds of shillings.

“This are people around us, they are also refugees, they steal at night,’’ she said.

The Refugee Desk Officer, Jogo Titus strongly condemned the act of stealing in the area and warned the locals to desist from it if they want to see new development in Adjumani town.

“The issue of stealing is becoming rampant, I hereby condemn the act,’’ he said.

He further gave assurance that his office would cooperate with the police and do a thorough investigation on the matter and arrest the wrongdoers.

“This time around, we shall make patrol with police and they will never survive,’’ he told Juba Monitor.

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