RAK Media prints 1.3 million text books

By Wek Atak Kacjang

RAK Media Company has printed about 1.3million textbooks for both primary and secondary levels to be distributed by the government across the country.

Addressing the media after inspecting the books, the Minster of General Education and InstructionsAwutDeng Acuil,appreciated the company for the solidarity towards South Sudan.

“There is alot of debate within Juba whether we print books that are needed in the country but it proved today that South Sudanese and non-South Sudanese citizens in this company are able to do crediblejob,” she said.

 Education cannot wait for other books from outside.  The printing of these books, which have very high quality, will also reduce logistics from outside the country and today these books are ready to be delivered to various states,” Acuil added.

She revealed that the books that are beingprinted are our own nationalcurriculum.

“We will continue to produce more books within the country because education needs facility,” Acuil said.

Appreciating the good work being done by the Minister, the Head of Business at RAK MediaKassim Omer said it is anhonour to have her come to the company to see what RAK Media was doing in promoting education and other national developments.

 “RAK Media has been involved in a number of activities that were geared towards the development and printing of these textbooks,” he added.

“So far all the trucks are ready loaded to deliver books because we have enough capacity and we still have space to print more millions of books, I understand that previous year such contracts for printing books were done outside the country but currently RAK Media Group is able to do work because we have enough manpower,” Omer said.

He added that the company is printing both for secondary and primary levels.

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