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Rajab Mohandis resignation impact

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday, it was published in the newspaper that Rajab Mohandis, representative of South Sudan Civil Society Forum which is a signatory to peace document resigned. The reason was that peace implementation is not being followed as stated in the document for a period of three years.

 He further said government had not taken action for peace initiative and added that “R-ARCSS had continued to fail to deliver on its core mandate including security, economy,humanitarian situation, institutional reforms and transitional Justice among others.  The resignation of Mohandis could be right or wrong with many reasons. It is known that peace deal was signed in 2018 and up to now there is no much change in this country whether in the side ofgovernment or partners who participated in peace talks including those who were signatories to the document.

This is proved with what is going on in the country right from the date the document was signed up to this moment. Many were said by many people including Mohandis himself who raised concern to the government, JMEC and other partners on the condition of peace implementation. The reason was to improve insecurity, economic condition and other things that were stated in the document for interim period in the country.If nothing was done as expected,his resignationis a solution to this challenge? Each and everybody would have different answers apart from what I wrote. If those people who were signatories continueresigning,will this documenthave value? Why not continue advocating for the success of the document until the time comes and we see what is next. Those who are witnessing the move of this peace would not keep quiet in any situation.

Those who committed themselves in signing the document are responsible for what is going on, whether they do well or not at the end, God will count it on them. Not only that any person who is advocating for the failure of this country, God is watching them. You cannot jump out of this condition and your signatory remains in the booklet. A wrongdoer is noticed by God. It will remain there for the generations to come and it is the history of this country.

Sometimes, it is better to think wisely before making a decision. On the other hand, you cannot force a person on something that he doesn’t like itbut history remains in the document which cannot be changed. The solution is that we should collectively see ways of improving the wrong parts. Not by violence but through dialogue.

May God bless us all.

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