Raja county samples await further toxics tests in Kampala

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Ugandan Viral Laboratory (UVRI) in its primary investigations has confirmed no Ebola or Hemorrhagic fevers in the recent referred samples to Kampala.

The country’s Public Health Laboratory said other toxics tests would be undertaken this week by Ugandans’ counterpart to confirm the cause of the outbreak.

Dr. Wamala Joseph Francis, the WHO Country’s Preparedness and International Health Regulation Officer said such further testing will include toxicology analysis and yellow fever tests.

“Those samples arrived in Kampala but on Thursday last week; the primary results tested negative for Ebola and hemorrhagic fever as it was confirmed in Juba,” he narrated.

“But the key question remains that if the samples tested negative for this virus. What is next? So the Ugandan Viral Laboratory is doing further tests for other viruses like yellow fever and others that might have caused the situation,” Dr. Wamala cited.

Last week, the National Public Health Laboratory confirmed neither hemorrhagic fever nor Ebola viruses following the mystery outbreak in Raja County of Western Bahr-el-Ghazal State.

The outbreak has left three people dead and others infected.

As a result, the samples were collected from Raja County two days from the outbreak to test for the unknown.

After the first diagnosis in Juba tested negative, the samples were referred to Kampala for toxicology tests after primary results did not confirm any disease.

Dr. Angelo Thon Goup, the acting Director of Public Health Emergency Center said the expected toxics results will be released as soon as possible.

“Normally testing toxicology takes time, so we are waiting for any feedback soon. We project that by the end of the week, we would get the results.”

Dr. Angelo revealed that the critical ill patients in Raja were now improving without more difficulties.

“The other severe cases are now under control. There is nothing threatening now. And, our Rapid Response Team is in touch with the authorities on the ground to monitor any possible occurrence,” he said.

The mystery has raised alarm of possible Ebola or Hemorrhagic fevers outbreaks in the country before it was confirmed negative in the two laboratories analysis.

The final results will be made available as soon as possible if toxic tests are performed according to the Ministry of Health.

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