Radio Emmanuel staff on strike over low payment

By: Elia Joseph Loful

Staff working for Radio Emmanuel, a Catholic Radio station based in Torit on Thursday staged a sit-down strike demanding better payment.

In a petition signed by eight staff and extended to the media, the staff urged Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Torit His Lordship Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla to intervene in the matter.

“We are writing to alert you of our concern over the current salary scale of the staff of Radio Emmanuel 89FM excluding that of top management,” the statement read in part.

When contacted for comment, Lilian Ochoo, the Radio Emmanuel Station Manager declined to comment on the matter.

“No, I am not aware of any strike, we are working, but it is only some staff who have not reported for work,” Ochoo defended.

However, a staff who asked for anonymity said they had already submitted the petition letter to the office of Bishop Stephen Ameyu.

The staff said that the administration of the Radio has been adamant to the issue of salary remunerations.

“There is much humiliation of the staff of Radio Emmanuel 89FM in terms of pay, given the nature of work we carryout. We are all aware that there are eight working hours daily but in most cases we work more than expected but nobody has paid any attention to this,” the person said.

The staff complained of a big salary gap between their salaries rate and the top management adding it was regrettable to mention.

“Your Lordship, it is worth mentioning that the gap between those in the top management and the lower staff is regrettably big and as such, we would like to remind you that those in top management receive over $ 1000 while we receive less than $ 200,”they complained.

The workers said the current mode of pay subject them to shame adding they could not support their families financially.

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