R-TGoNU should form new cabinet

People of South Sudan are eager to hear the appointment of Governors, Ministers and Members of Legislatives Assembly in the Revitalized Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU). People were talking inform of rumors and in the actual sense it is their right to talk. The government was formed; the next step should be the appointment of other positions like governors, ministers and Members of the Parliament to start their work.

Many people are lobbying for the chances to be given to them, some would succeed and others will fail. During the time of preparation for R-TGoNU, each party was expected to nominate or have some names of people in minds for the above mentioned positions. When the government was dissolved, President Salva Kiir gave powers to undersecretaries in the ministries and others to act in the vacated positions to allow work to continue in the country. 

These positions couldn’t stay vacant for longtime, people need to be appointed.

The more it stays the more it would affect the transitional period. If everything goes well, after transitional period, government would conduct elections. Several people may get chances during the time of elections.  Talking on the vacated positions should not worry the government; it is because people want to know who are those coming to the R-TGoNU in the above mentioned positions.

I am sure each and everybody is happy to see that the R-TGoNU is complete and functioning well. That was the expectation of people in the country. Due to these talks and as they are part of peace building, have right to talk and ask questions, how the R-TGoNU is being run. For me it is the concern of everyone to know the move of this government. It is not a matter of formation but its progress. Maybe there were are some problems with parties that need to be resolved.

Though, each party should make sure that its representative is in the government as required. Not few tribes should dominate in the party, if not all the tribes at fewer majorities of them should participate. They should have trust to each other, for the reason that, all parties are become one in the government. Many people may fail or succeed for professionalism, but it was required for technical positions. Like the Ministry of Finance. Let us have one objective for this government so that development will take place in the country.

May God bless us all.

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