R-JMEC calls on international community to have one voice

By: Sheila Ponnie

The interim Chairperson of Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (RJMEC) has urged both regional and international community to have a unified voice.

“With the 100 days ticking, I urge the region and the international community to present a unified voice in support of the full and timely implementation of the peace agreement as we move forward,” Lt. Gen. Augostion S.K.Njoroge said.

He was speaking during the 11th RJMEC monthly meeting yesterday in Juba.

Earlier the Entebbe Tripartite Summit extended the Pre-Transitional period by 100 days to allow for the completion of the critical pending tasks. 

While addressing the meeting yesterday, Njoroge reminded the audience of the critical pending tasks, saying Chapter one includes issues of States and the boundaries, the composition and restructuring of the Council of States.

“In Chapter two( 2), the outstanding issues relate to demilitarization of all civilian centres, cantonment of all forces, registration, screening, selection, training and redeployment of necessary unified forces,” he said.

He further urged that some funds should be used to immediately purchase and deliver food and supplies to cantonment sites in order to address the unfortunate situation of the troops without basic supplies leaving the sites.

Njoroge disclosed that the IGAD Special Envoy has been directed to facilitate a meeting of the parties to resolve the issues of number of states and their boundaries and any other outstanding issue pertaining to the establishment of the R-TGoNU.

“I am pleased to say that the IGAD special Envoy is seized of this matter and has made plans to hold these meetings and I appeal to the parties to compromise and resolve all outstanding issues,” he said.

The National Pre transitional Committee Secretariats said Martin Elia Lumuro said they have made adjustments on what is to be done in the context of the 100 days extension.

“Indeed we re-engaged the secretariats of the mechanisms and made re-adjustments on the priorities of the details of each of the mechanisms,” he said.

Lumuro explained that they have made and concluded on the priorities of the five components of the joint Defence Board (JDB) which are detailed.

“These components include requirements for command and control, requirements for coordination of the work for other mechanisms, for conflict building, for management of the weapons that will be collected from the opposition or SSPDF,” he said.

He added that they will be requesting for an extra ordinary meeting to make a detailed presentation of the 100 days extension and money for each mechanism a detailed presentation of what has been left out and others.

“In that extra ordinary session we will be giving a detail accountability report of all the money given by the government of South Sudan and we will be absolutely exuberant because there is all this remises about misuse of funds and we are ready to be challenged.”

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General David Shearer said there was need for the parties to address some of the key issues.

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