Editorial 11th April 2018

On Tuesday this week, five young sportsmen visited Juba Monitor. They had one mission, “support to further their career in athletics”. They lack training facilities. They lack support for both finance and materials to goby although some of them have had regional and international callings. Somewhere those in charge of sports seem to have closed their eyes to the fact that these young men and women are out there to do this country good by placing it in the international athletic map. They could equally be peace ambassadors among nations of the world. Why are they being ignored or left to rot in limbo. There are the South Sudan Athletic Federation, South Sudan Olympic Committee or Association and we have the ministry responsible for sports. These young energetic men and women have participated in the organized local events, but have come out with very little if any. Worse still they have to cater for even drinking water and medical or hospital bills when injured during their training which is also restricted to one particular area. In fact, most of them have to go to the neighbouring countries to train for pending events through their own pocket. The question is, why should these promising present and future athletes be exposed to such harsh reality in their own surrounding environment and atmosphere. Those in charge of athletics have full one year calendar events and know very well when this or that local or international event should take place. They should be able to budget for such undertakings by our own before they depart for the event. It cannot be disputable that some international sports organizations have funds and are channeling them to some of the local sports bodies. One would wonder where these funds are being used and on what if not the promotion of and the well-being of the athletes themselves. Something is not right and there are questions begging to be answered by these sports organizations and the authorities concerned.

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