Put young people first

By Akol Arop Akol

There is no country that can progress without the participation of the young people and this is why the focus of the community and the government at large should be targeting the youth including women and children.

The people in early ages are still active and strong. They still have physical ability and innovative ideas that if well implemented can bring development of the country. The only problem South Sudanese erroneously do is ignoring young boys and girls which make them hopeless. When they are not allowed to go to school and study they will never realize their strengths but instead show the weaknesses.

A new country which is coping up with modern education and advancing technology needs to prioritize the youth as agents of change. These young people can be farmers, engineers, doctors and businesspeople if educated and motivated by both parents and the government. They are the light of our country because they are still young and can have great commitment to make some great achievement.

Starting from school, effective  education both theory and practical can equip students with excellent knowledge that can let them change South Sudan by working in the health, economic, political and other social professions. But the people concerned have thrown a dark blanket on their eyes that prevents them from seeing a good future.

Ignoring and blaming our youth describing them as idle is another way of killing their morals and dreams. They cannot know what they are good at unless their elders and leaders encourage them in any way possible and those leaders must first be exemplary. Someone who is a leader cannot be looting and expecting the followers to be working fairly.

The betterment of our community depends on how we perform our daily roles as leaders and citizens and the same characters will be adapted by young ones. The failure or idleness of the youth is a result of lack of jobs, employment inequality and abuse at working place.

When some youth are discriminated and their applications are rejected, or when they are physically or financially exploited they prefer to stay jobless in order to maintain their dignities. They would want to work but the poor working conditions, rate of payment and the mistreatment makes them quit the job.

Being said that the country has resources, we feel proud of the good future that we shall have. Surely, we are seeing some resources like river, mountains and animals while hearing others yet no improvement in the economy.

If we have resources, why can’t they be exploited and used for development? They can be used for providing services to the citizens but not for each one cutting his part and enjoys forgetting the fellow countrymen and women.

Equal sharing of resources is in term of constructing roads, building enough schools, health centers, training centers, providing networks and clean water which are the common important services needed by each and every one. When these few among many developments are done, the livelihood of our people would improve and automatically peace and happiness would prevail.

We are trying to chase at every corner to bring peace in, but peace is inside our hearts and it is only through reconciling and associating with civilians especially the young people, which will wash away their grievances.  When everyone has access to public services, life will change.

Young people would then be able to go to school to study free or affordably, they will look for jobs, engage in leadership activities and access other social programs in order to acquire knowledge that they will impart into other coming generations.

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