Put others before your personal interest

By Ngor Khot Garang

One time when I was in high school a year ago, I watched a documentary about a 43-year-old man that changed the course of my entire life. The man in the film was just as poor as any person could be but because he has a generous heart, he deprived himself of all the desires of his heart and save every little penny he could get to pay for the school fees for the disadvantaged children. He used to work multiple jobs so that he could earn enough money to make sure that he feed and clothe the little children he was sponsoring.

After watching this short video, my humanity was challenged and my mind began to battle with different questions. “Why am I on this world and what is my contribution? What if I leave this world today and standing at the gate of Heaven would be angels with swords who will ask me questions like: what have you done on earth and whose life have you had impacts on?” What will I then say? I asked myself and I could not find the best answers.

I try within my power to even understand why people rejoice in the suffering of their fellow human beings and still, answers were far from my reach. But after these questions, I began to think of the way we treat others. It is true that God has made us different. Some people are rich and others are poor but they are equally the same in God’s eyes. God created us in his own image and punished us with death but beyond death; there is a life that we can live after losing this earthly life. This life is a matter of choice; it is either you go for it or to hell with your money, cars and buildings.

Whether we like it or not, one of the two must work but choosing the best path to go has always been one of the most difficult decisions in human history simply because people live as if they would never die. The world where everything is defined by money has lured many men to take the wrong path and cost them their eternal life. The continuous killings, robbery, corruption and chaos in the world or particularly in Africa are result of man’s greed for money and power. Sarcastically and this is very sad, some people want others to be down and they want to maintain their social status especially the elite and later pass  it on to their children.

This is why both the health and educational sectors are still suffering from neglect in Africa because majority of people with money has some special schools for their children outside Africa and when they are in bad health, they make sure they travel abroad to seek medical attention. But this is not the way things should go, we are human and we know that. We need each other more than anything and this is why we must think of others more than ourselves because that is what truly matters.

There is too much pain in this life. Majority of people have nothing to eat. Thousands spend days without food but if we come together as one human family, we can solve most of these human problems or even put an end to poverty. But on a sad note, people want others poor to their graves. Others want others dead and that is why our world is not at rest today.

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