Put jealouness aside and work, singer advices youth

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Jealousness amongst youth is one common thing and this is the reason why young South Sudanese singer Jimmy Di Talented composed his first single Jealous.

While speaking to Juba Monitor, he appealed to the youth in the country to put jealousness aside and work hard to make their lives better.

From his personal experience, Jimmy revealed that majority of his friends become jealous because of the person he became.

“Some close friends become jealous because my life was changing as a result of my hard work and I advised them to work harder than me but not being jealous,” said Jimmy.

Jimmy is an artist who draws amazing photos on Bed sheets for sale in customs Market and with time his business expanded leading to enemies.

Jimmy believes that if every young man or woman in the country works hard, they can achieve whatever they want in life.

The spirit of being jealous has caused so many problems in the lives of youth in South Sudan but Jimmy trusts that it is only hard work that can stop it.

“If we all work hard, who will envy the other, because we shall all have what we need through hard work,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy aka Oroma Morris is also the guy behind good lover song.


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