Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

On a number of occasions,we have heard people talk of putting a smile in someone’s face. At times we mention these out of context without giving it a thorough understanding or knowing its meaning. The phrase to put a smile on someone’s face is an idiomatic expression that means to please someone or make someone happy. In your situation can you take a minute and remember when you did this to someone you know or you do not know. My experience and understanding may betray me but the truth is that the world has become so commercial that we rarely give a chance to any other person except to ourselves. Those days when we could group or gang up to go from one home to another during the month of December, particularly Christmas celebrations. There was freedom and children were treated with respect and piled up with all types of gifts including new clothes. They were free to move from one uncle to the other and from auntie to another eating the best and merry-making with age-mates. Life was so simple and well managed and the young-ones were always waiting for December to come. Those in the towns and big cities were always an envy of the rural folks. But all in all life was not complicated like today where each family wanted to do their own without involving others. Is it selfishness or what is happening?Which direction is the world taking that has changed the mind-set of so many people? Today, an elder talk to younger person but they just look at you as if you are a statue. In some cases, they are glued onto their smart-phones doing if anything the worst, watching what we could imagine doing not only for fear of the elders but it was considered immoral and taboo to the younger generation. We do agree that there are changes taking place at a super-natural speed, but must it derail our moral thinking as a people? How can we help but to reflect back to understand what was good then and bring it into modernity with grace and pride that would bring some smile into someone’s face. It is hard but can be done. So, let us still be considerate to the past and present world and continue to watch the unfolding space ahead of us. We must all and collectively face the world ahead of us without losing integrity and dignity of the society we live in today.And what a better life to leave behind a firm foundation and a better society that would always remember what you have been to them. That also putting a smile in one’s face. Our generation can help achieve this goal by nurturing the well-being of the younger generation to be able to be the people who care about others with love and understanding. It is not impossible to do just this for tomorrow’s generation.

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