The campaign for women’s empowerment is not a one day’s work but it is something that requires daily work. It is not something that is discussed at the workshop or conferences and ends up there. It is important for women to push back what pushes them back without giving up on those challenges. It might be tough but the pushing should continue. The women agenda had been addressed five years ago and now in this Sustainable Development Goal, the women should ensure that they achieve their goal of gender equality. However, the media have a greater role in ensuring that the voices of the women are heard. There is need for journalists especially the female journalists to change the narratives about women. The media not only defines the problems but also should seek solution to address the problems facing women such as domestic violence and other problems. African women and South Sudanese in particular are known for hard working, they can give to everything that gives life to human being. However, South Sudanese women need to work not to confine themselves within the country. They need to excel to the international platform and not to confine themselves only to discussion about their representation in the government.

Today there are some African women who have stopped complaining against their government and they have raised their focus higher fighting for all women on the continent. Therefore, there are many capable South Sudanese to campaign for girl child right and domestic violence against African women at the level of the African Union.

Push back what pushes back!



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