Public warned to cease from illegal passports

By John Agok

 Immigration boss has warned the public to distant themselves fromillegal possession of passports from the hands of criminals and vowed a crack them down on them.

Speaking to Media on Saturday at his office Lt. Gen. Atem Marol warned the public to refrain from possessing passports from unauthorized people and vowed to track them down through a competent team which was already on the ground.

Marol called for students on scholarship to have top priority in accessing only remaining 500 booklets passports that will be received in few weeks’ time.

“On 7th December we are going to received 20,000 regular passports booklets and on 22nd December we will also received 25,000 and 50,000 relatively Identity Cards. This makes total of 45,000 passports and 50,000 identity cards”, he said.

He also revealed that, those who were in need of urgent travel were supposed to be given priority than those whose who could stay for five or more years without travelling.

“The problem is that our people process the passports and do not travel on time. I particularly advise them to use National Identity cards. Use these ID cards for travelling to Egypt or nearest Countries”, he added. 

Marol admitted that, they were aware of illegally possession of passports from the hands of criminals who sell them at only 200 USD.

“We are pretty aware that, there are people selling passports illegally at the price of 200 USD and efforts are under way to corner them.  This tragedy came as a result of COVID-19 as result, we vowed to put data of each person who acquired passport to computer and avoid counterfeiting”, he said

Previously the Directorate of Immigration had been hit by shortage of passport booklets and Nationality after implementation firm stopped its services over the government failure to clear the arrears overdues.

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