Public urged to stop taking law into their hands

By Hassan Arun Cosmas.

The Medical Director of Yei County Hospital has urged all the citizens to avoid taking the law into their hands.

This came after the death of an inmate in Yei prison on Tuesday due to physical assault and torture which later triggered a strike by the prisoners.

A number of one hundred thirty inmates organized and carried out a massive strike after the death of their colleague as a result of physical assault perpetrated by some prison wardens.

Doctor Joseph Malish expressed that the people of Yei were not happy with the assault of the prison inmate Bida Robert John.

“Yes, since this incident happened inside the prison, people may not be happy and what I would like to say is that let us give chance to the law to take its course and find out the real cause of the death. As we all understand, the town was not all that happy about what has happened. We are part of the community and can realize the reaction and response of the people to such situations. I would like to say that it has happened and let us allow the law to take its course, “advises the County Hospital Medical Director.

Malish advised the citizens to rush victims of any circumstance to hospitals for immediate medical intervention because the medical fraternity is always ready to help the country and the community.

“For us as medical personnel, we are always ready to attend to such cases. We also expect that if such issues reach us earlier to have intervention in order to rescue the situation and to our law implementors, in such a situation you don’t need to assault physically, you don’t need to put a hand on people who committed crimes, but instead allow the law to take its course to avoid serious damages that will make the community not to be happy about it, “pleads Dr. Joseph.

Earlier this week, a committee comprising five members was formed to investigate the Monday strike carried out by inmates in Yei prison.

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