Public urged to continue with covid-19 preventative measures

John Rumunu, Acting Covid-19 Incident Manager in the Ministry of Health

By Yiep Joseph

The Ministry of Health has urged the public to continue with all the recommended covid-19 measures in order to reduce the spread of the virus in the country.

During weekly media briefingat Public Health Emergency Operation Centre (PHEOC) yesterday, John Rumunu, the Acting Covid-19 Incident Manager in the Ministry of Health, cautioned the general public to continue with the preventative measures in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

The Ministry of Health continues to advise the public to adhere to the guidance given by the National taskforce guidelines; to avoid crowding, avoid shaking hands, practice hand washing, sanitizing, use facemask in the public, keep physical distance and observed reparatory etiquette” Rumunu said.

Rumunu said that there is still spread of the virus citing that those ones tested positive in most cases failed to list their contacts

“We are facing a challenge from those who are usually tested positive, in most cases they failed to list all their contacts.

We are advising people who are tested positive to list all their contacts in order make it easy for us to trace and reduce further spread” he added

He mentioned that the Ministry has not neglected the fight against other diseases in the country.

“we did not neglect other diseases in the country but we fight them hand in hand, as per now we have activated a group of workers to give out oral cholera vaccines in the 20 flood-affected counties in the country” he revealed.

He called for more supports from the government and donors in order to fight both Covid-19 and omicron virus.

Sacha Bootsma, World Health Organization (WHO)Covid-19 Incident manager,revealed that malaria remains the major cause of death in the country compared to COVID-19.

Mabior Kiir,Chief of planning at PHEOC mentioned that Central Equatoria state remains with the highest number of positive cases of about 355 compared to other states.

According to data management unit, there are 572 positive cases out of 6,042 tests performed in the week from 2nd to 8th of January.

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