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Public University receives 100 books from Japanese Embassy

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Upper Nile University received 100 books from Japan Foundation through the Embassy of Japan with an aim of allowing the University Students to acquire more knowledge.

While addressing the Media yesterday, the Vice Chancellor of Upper Nile University, Marial Awou Yol said that books are source of Knowledge, and a person who gives you a book gave youa life.

“we came to receive some books which the embassy of Japan has donated to the university some time back, we in upper Nile university and South Sudan in general, we are glad this morning to receive thesebooks from Japanese university because somebody who gives you books has given you knowledge and life, because books are source of knowledge,instate of us asking them to give us money, we asked books.Theygave us books to produce our own money and these books are for all levels and they are academicbooks, “he said.

In his part, the Deputy Ambassador of Japan to South Sudan Mitsuhiro Toyama said that beside books donation that the Japan foundation has made, they have also contributed towards the renovations of the Upper Nile University in Malakal the Statecapital through UNHCR.

“We brought 100 Japanese books donated by Japanese foundation,we believe that students with this books can get information, and information can make students understand about other people such as our country Japan.We hope the Students within the upper Nile university can use this acknowledge, “He said.

However, the Undersecretary, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Adil Athanasio Surur acknowledge the contribution of the Japanese foundation to the Upper Nile University and said that it was a very big achievement.

“This is a very big achievement, they have renovated our University in Malakal and to make the story complete, they have donated to us the booksand this will enrich us with knowledge, “he said.

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