It is of great concern and big appreciation goes to police for the fact that they the police, the law keeping agency have clearly said that the public should cooperate with security at all residential areas so that any criminal activities to be reported not late but within a short period possible. They declared such request so that the incident committed by the perpetrators can be address or averted without any delay. Maximum security and safe stay at all public dwellings or estates requires collective responsibility.

The burden to secure any safe environment should not be left in the hands of security forces only. The general public must learn that for safe and conducive environment in which everyone can enjoy, there should be good mutual understanding between the police and public. That is to say with people living in different residential areas in a growing city like Juba among others. Whenever there is anything threatening lives wherever humans resides, then it should be everybody concern not only the police (security for that matter). No one should blame police at all times, though there could be some weaknesses or challenges they may face in one way or the other. We are humans and we are bound to mistakes and errors. In some years back there was something like community policing initiated by City Council in charge of Juba city; where is that program? Has it died a natural death which need to be revive? If so let us know such that it should be reinstated back to operation such that the public can get time to liaise with the police from time to time on what is taking place around several residential areas in Juba. Nevertheless, the public on the other hand have been complaining that the police sometime cooperate with the perpetrators whereby they may secretly receive bribes and later release the suspect without any proper trial. These practice by law keeping authorities should also stop or the public may one day also expose the vice. 

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