When the appointing authority chose their preferred candidates for different positions, more the ten governors and the three chiefs of the administrative areas, the message was simple and clear that they work for the people and be with the citizens. Not in the national capital city of Juba but to their states headquarters. Some of the senior appointees and their cronies have found it fit to operate from Juba at the expense of the common-man they are supposed to oversee their activities in the backyard of their rural set-up. The warning is very clear from what has happened to the Pibor Administrative Area  aboutchief who was shown the doors on Thursday. Some Pibor citizens have been complaining of the unavailability of the chief administrator in the area while all was not going on well with them. They cited cases where continued inter-communal conflicts, killing and maiming were treated as normal cases which had to happen. Chief Administrator, Joshua Konyi was shown the door by President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Thursday. Since his appointment, there have been almost seven petitions from different groups including youths and women. He is said to have been the sole government without legislative and any appointment of government officials to help run the affairs of the administrative area. A combined team of key players and diplomats led by the African Union recently visited the area and expressed dismay over the condition and situation which the residents were faced with. People who are lucky to get government position should be the servant of the masses and not their masters. This is one of the ways to ensure that the welfares of the majority were prioritized.

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