Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

Something must terribly be wrong between the administration of Juba University and the Ministry of Higher Education. The said and confirm that tuitions have been increased and when students protest and demonstrate, the Ministry deny knowledge of any increments. Government departments and institutions are required to work together and collectively talk the same language. There are cases that need the attention of top seat in the ministry. There must be collective responsibilities. The institution must have consulted the mother ministry before pinning on the board to announce the new fee structures. It would be of interest to know who was consulted and why none other than the minister himself denying any knowledge of the increments. This is the cause of confusion in the institution and the Ministry which eventually spread down to students. These students should be allowed a conducive environment to study. They hold the future of this country. There should also be a proper and open line of communication within the university administration, the ministry and students. Still while some of the lecturers confirm the announcements of the increase, even themselves were faced with multiple problems because both the administration and the ministry were paying little attention in their welfare. This, they once demonstrated through the five vice chancellors who talked about what they earn. Although they have a right but a number of factors should be looked into.The socio-political and economic situation in the country forms the basis of these considerations. The same should form the basis of consideration when the university administration wants to increase the tuition for students. It is illogical to over tax the already burdened parents and guardians. It is time the institution formed external activities like farming that can generate revenue to supplement what they are getting. It is not the right time to effect the increments. Not now.

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