Public ignore Covid-19 measures at Airport

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The government has discovered that many people visiting and working within the airport have not been observing or following the Covid,-19 preventive measures at the Juba International Airport .

Yesterday, the Taskforce Committee for COVID-19 Audit team visited the Juba International Airport to assess whether COVID-19 preventive measures were respected or not.

While addressing the press, the Acting Chairman for Covid-19 Audit Committee Dr. AderMacarAciek saidthat some people still ignore the preventive measure of Covid-19 whichisa threatto human life.

“The Committee observed that most of the people in Juba International Airport are not wearing facemasks by passing security check without putting facemasks starting from the main entrance where we observed that most of people are not respecting the rules of COVID-19.Whoever comes to Juba International Airportmust put on the facemask whetherhe/she came by foot or vehicle, that is mandatory,” Aciek said.

He added that the COVID-19 Audit committee evaluated all facilitiesin Juba Airport after that the taskforce Audit committee observed that social gathering is very difficult tocontrol,” he said.

He revealed that some staff and public are not respectingthe preventives measures while some are resistant. Currently the Taskforce committee has the privilegeto visit Juba International Airport to witness how the Covid-19 measures are respected.

According to the committee, the local communities could be also mobilized to take positive action on local issues that contribute to poor health and mental health in their places.

However, the Director General of Juba International AirportKur Kuol Ajieu said the airport has already introduced health-screening for the passengers to wear masksbut they have challenges of hand sanitizers and facemasks because some of them cannot effort to buy in the market. 

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