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Public hospitals are the only option for the poor South Sudanese to go to for treatment since private hospitals are ten times more expensive than the public hospitals.Because of this, the public hospitals are too congested and overwhelmed by the number of patients who go there seeking for treatment. “Thank you” should always be told to the paramedics and medics sacrificing day and night saving lives in the public hospitals but receiveless payat the end of the month. However, something fishy follows the “thank you” message told to medics and paramedics working in public hospitals and this fishy thing is their arrogance and negligence while handling patients. Without denial, a fraction of patients loses their precious lives due to delay in intervention. Patients do not get helped in time as medics waste time to assess their conditions before worsening to nebulous points. When attended to later, another problem arises, and this is the negligence of the nurses instructed by the consultants to admit and manage patients in wards. Worse than the fact that paramedics and medics working in public hospitals are underpaid,the low salary does not even come monthly, yet there is always difference between hospital workers and other civil servants working in other government institutions. This difference is that hospital workers deal with lives of the people while other civil servants deal with what can be messed up and nothing loses lives there. In some hospitals, toilets are closed down, making it hard for patients having diarrheal diseases and others having urine analysis to bring urine and stool for examinations. Moreover, there is one overwhelming challenge which can sweep patients away from the public hospitals. This challenge is the lack of certain testing machines and medicinesin public hospitalsbutare available in private hospitals. Public hospitals are also reduced to butchering grounds by private hospitals that withhold patients to drain them thoroughly such that by the time they see they are close to graveyards, they send them to public hospitals and within hours, these patients pass on and it is counted on the public hospitals.It should made a rule that any hospital transferring a patient must care for that patient for 24 hours. Public hospitals should be convenient as convenience helps in bettering conditions.

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