Psychosocial trauma healing Centre launched

By Elia Joseph Loful    

South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) has launched a psychosocial help-care Centre on Monday to offer public counseling services during the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chairperson of the Council Bishop Arkanjilo Wani Lemi said the Centre was a platform that would help people to present their concerns.

He said the Centre would not only address cases of Covid-19 but also continue to operate as long as public needs are concerned.

“This Centre will help our people to address any question that they may have as we know with the hardship that people are undergoing currently. They are becoming so traumatized and all of us are traumatized in this country. So this is just a platform that we have launched so that people will have space to direct their questions,” Bishop Wani explained.

The Centre which will be toll-free with a designed number 2222 on MTN line, is managed by South Sudan Council of Churches in partnership with Christian AID Organization supported by the United Kingdom Government (UK).

James Wani, the Country Director for Christian AID said the effort to combat the virus should not be focus on physical rather to tackle it in all ways.

“We have noticed that it is quite important not to only focus on the physical help but also recognize that the mental and the psychological help are the important factors to fight Covid-19,” Wani expressed.

Wani said stigma about Covid-19 has affected many communities in the country saying church leaders play a pivotal to role in fighting the pandemic.

He stated that the goal of launching the Centre was to improve psychosocial impact caused by Covid-19.

“Our goal of launching this Centre together with SSCC is to use this opportunity through church leaders to improve psychosocial well-being and decrease stress among South Sudanese who are directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic,” he stated.

UK Ambassador to South Sudan, Chris Trott stressed the huge impact coronavirus has impacted on human beings, across the globe expressing that the virus has deprive ability to work and have social gathering making everyone suffer and traumatized.

“One of the ways to deal with the crisis is by sharing our concerns, by talking to people, listing to people, and changing the information to ensure that we do our countable efforts for our safety on covid-19,” Trott said.

 He said the initiative of opening the help-care Centre would at least offer extra support to citizens during the period of the pandemic.

As the pandemic continue to sored the level of stigma and the myths about coronavirus is putting negative perceptions on the situation making people not adhering to the preventive measures to curb the virus.

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