Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

We were discussing with a colleague, Sheila who just returned from an international conference held in the neighbouring Kenyan capital Nairobi where over 175 countries participated in the Reproductive Health under the auspice of International Conference on Development Program commonly known as ICPD 25. It was so nice to learn that this country was represented in this important conference. It was also heartening to note that Minister Jemma Nunu Kumba led the delegation and presented the commitment of eliminating gender based violence among the member countries. This was a commitment which represents the stand of the country and which was one of the basis of the Nairobi summit. Up to this point all seems honey, but my colleague mentioned something which l would like to share. Some members of the delegation disappeared into thin air immediately when they landed in Nairobi and made technical appearance at the summit venue not to be seen again until on the trip back after the scheduled five days meeting. If your accompanying media team or journalists cannot see you in the summit hall then something is amiss.  Where were they? What was the genesis or logic of going to this important forum if they had some other interests? It is illogical to go on a meaningless ride if one is not having a heart to represent the interests of the country and its population. It is equally a waste of tax-payers resources which could be used to improve other service delivery to the people. I am talking like this because my colleague who was on official assignment told me with pain and concern why some people should take such responsibilities while they are not responsible and cannot account for their action. I am sure that the leader of the delegation can shade the light of what really happened if indeed it did happen. Time has come that joy-riders and those who are not committed to the cause of national issues should not be given public responsibilities. I am told and going by documents from the summit, indeed it was something which was the focus of the world and which attracted 1,900 dignitaries with more than 6,000 attendance or participants. It was a global summit in which every member countries wanted their voices heard. It was a forum which drew the attention of those key players in the GBV and reproductive health arena. Kudos to those who stayed put in the summit to represent the interest of the country. It is what was expected from all of you although some decided to do their own things and have merry-making at the expense of service delivery to the general public. The nation must have and vet people who can help the leadership deliver to the public not joy-riders who are only propagating their individual interests. This is my take for the kind of people who are not committed to the country.  

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