Odongo Odoyo

It is quite pathetic to hear that the situation of the army at various cantonment sites across the country is at dire need of logistical support. In the past months issues of lack of  basics needs such as food, water shelter was a serious issues so far reported by peace monitoring body (TSAMVM). It was painful also to note that some soldiers died of hunger at the cantonment sites earlier in the beginning of this year.  According to report issued by Ceasefire Transitional Security Arrangement and Verification Mechanisms (CTSAMVM) clearly said that various cantonment sites in the country are at risks of being collapse. If the matter not address soon, then the security arrangement which is the key component part and partial of Revitalized Peace Agreement would be at the probability of not being fully implemented.

As such this development require immediate intervention of the Unity Government to quickly look into the problems affecting soldiers at the cantonment sites. We have to be mindful that Security arrangement has been one of the contentious issues and provisions to implement the peace agreement. The government should now demonstrate genuine will to address the welfare of the soldiers as soon as possible. It’s time for the government to focus on the organized forces without neglecting their basics need which are the first priority in human life. If nothing is done to mitigate the situation of those soldiers at the training centers, then the status of security arrangement might not be holding.

Last year when the government procured  food destined for the soldiers at the cantonment sites, however, it was sad to discover that much of the food meant for those  forces was mysteriously found to be sold in the markets here in Juba. Thus prompted President Kiir to state that “Soldiers in South Sudan are hungry and unhealthy because their superiors are pilfering food to sell on local markets,” said Reuters.

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