Protestors: No more US meddling in Addis Abba’s ‘internal affairs’

By William Madouk Garang

Dozens of protestors from Ethiopian and Eritrean community in Juba on Saturday joined a popular ‘#Nomore’ movement opposing Western Media over fake news and denouncing United States’meddling in Addis Abba’s internal affairs.

The demonstrators sharply criticized unasked-for interference by Western Countries into African’s affairs and doomed the International Media for turning blind eye to the atrocities and catastrophes committed by Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government and rebel forces from Tigray region in the north have been fighting for more than a year, a conflict that has killed thousands and displaced millions of peoples in Africa’s second most populous nation.

Marching with posters,the demonstrators chanted: “#Nomore meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia,” “#Nomore fake news,” “Respect African solutions to African problems,” “#Nomoreunilateral sanctions against Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan,”  “#Nomore support to the terrorist TPLF.”

Washington has been one of the strictest critics and recently United Nations said they saw possible war crimes and accused parties of violating international humanitarian laws, massacres, and gang-rape as well as ethnic cleansing by Ethiopian and Eritrean forces.

Speaking to the journalists during the marching, TraikAcem said that Tigray people are their brothers and sisters nobody cares more about them more than Ethiopians do, adding that western butt in other country’s affairs for their own interest.

“They interfere in every country and they don’t learn their own mistake, they are looters, Killers and terrorists in the world,they want to interfere in everything,”andlike to call themselves superpower, but they can’t rule the world. So, we Ethiopianswe can die for our right. We are one hundred million more even if few remain that is our right we should fight for it,” she added.

She stressed that America and European countries should get their hand off from African and Arab countries’ internal affairs accusing them of having political motivated agenda to dismantle Africa.

Meanwhile, another protestor, John Astemsaid that they were protesting to show the world their solidarity as Africans tosay no to those who have ill intention to ruin Africa’s peace and growth.

“We are African people and we should find solutions for our African problems, we don’t need foreign intervention, no more,”Astem said.

“You know why the Tigray’s conflict has been prolonged.It is because of external interference, people don’t need the horn of Africa to be united, grow and one people. They need war to continue ravage Africa.And as Ethiopian people, we are against this notion,” he added.

The protestors had also demonstrated their determination to support government effort, Ethiopian Defense forces and innocent civilians who were displaced by the protracted conflict.

Furthermore, they said that suspected hidden hands on Tigray’s conflict, especially countries that have a destructive agenda to destabilize not only Ethiopia, but the entire region of East and Horn of Africa.

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